Corporate Menu

For your office meeting, lunch or function.

Corporate Menu

If you are looking for exceptional private catering in Brisbane, then rest assured you have found the right caterer. Peruse our menus and experience first hand the passion and craftsmanship that comes from within our chefs. A Brisbane catering menu that is set to go above and beyond anything that your guests would expect. Best of all, we can deliver all over Brisbane or you can pick up from our location in Mansfield.

All orders to be placed by 12pm previous business day.


Continental One
$ 12.00 pp

Danish pastries, fresh fruit, croissants w/ butter and jam, fresh orange juice

Continental Two
$ 14.00 pp

Ham & cheese croissants, individual yoghurt, muesli and berry cups, sweet muffins, fresh orange juice

$ 5.50 ea
Bacon and egg Brioche Sliders (available in vegetarian)

Bacon and egg tartlets (minimum order of 10, delivery charge applies)

Morning & Afternoon Teas

Our selection can include any of the following | 3 Pieces Per Person
$ 6.00 pp

Gluten, dairy free, vegan 7.00 pp


Scones or Pikelets with jam and cream

Sweet Mini Muffins

Danish Pastries

Housemade biscuits

Petite cakes, slices and tarts

Mini chocolate eclairs

Apple & Berry Loaf

Banana Bread

Mini Jam Donuts


Mini muffins (available in vegetarian)

Savoury Pikelets

Mini bruscetta

Sweet potato scones

Mini filled croissants


We recommend one and a half serves per person

Mixed Sandwiches
$ 7.00 PP

Mixed sandwiches on white, wholemeal & grain bread

Gourmet Sandwiches
$ 8.50 pp

Gourmet sandwiches on specialty breads

Gourmet Rolls
$ 8.50 pp

Bagels, foccacias, panninis, turkish and grain rolls with assorted fillings

$ 7.00 pp

Baguettes with assorted fillings

$ 8.00 pp

Wraps with assorted fillings

Gluten Free Wraps
$ 9.00 pp

Gluten Free Wraps with assorted fillings

Individual Packed Lunches
$ 12.00 ea

Cold meats or Quiches + Salad

Individual Salads
$ 9.50 ea
As our salads are made with seasonal ingredients, please enquire to check the selection for the day of your order.


Fresh fruit
$ 4.50 pp
Dip Platter
S $32.50 | L $65.00

Trio of Dips, Vegetable Sticks, Crackers, Parmesan Sticks

Gourmet Cheese Platter
S $40.00 | L $80.00

Selection of Cheeses, Dried Fruit, Mixed Nuts, Grapes, Paste, Wafers/Crackers.

Antipasto Platter - Standard
S $35.00 | L $70.00

Shaved ham, Chicken and Pastrami, Locally sourced and imported cheeses, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Marinated Olives, Hummus, Chargrilled Vegetables, Pickled Red Onion, Toasted Crisps and Lavosh.

Antipasto Platter - Luxe
S $60.00 | L $120.00

Shaved prosciutto, Salami, Champagne Ham, Pate, Locally sourced and imported cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Marinated Olives and Mushrooms, House-made Pesto, Quince Paste, Chargrilled Vegetables, Toasted Crisps and Lavosh.

Small 4 -6 ppl | Large 10 - 12ppl


Fresh Orange Juice 2lt bottle
$ 7.50 ea
Fresh Apple Juice 2lt bottle
$ 7.50 ea
Percolated Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Milk, Disposable Cups & Stirrers
$ 3.00 pp

Conference Package

Minimum order of fifteen people
$ 23.50 pp
Morning tea

Lunch – Mixed Sandwiches | 1.5 pp, fresh fruit, orange juice

Coffee and tea

Disposable cups, plates and serviettes

+ 4.00 pp for afternoon tea

Hot Fork Dishes

Served with Jasmine Rice, garden salad & crusty bread rolls | Minimum order of fifteen ppl per option

Beef with mushroom bacon & red wine

Thai chicken in green curry

Lamb ragout

Beef stroganoff

Chicken cacciatore

Beef in black bean

Vegetarian stir fry

*All dishes are gluten free*

One menu choice
$ 16.00 pp
Two menu choices
$ 19.00 pp
Three menu choices
$ 21.00 pp
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Delivery charges apply for orders under $100 , outside Brisbane CBD and all hot food deliveries

Free delivery to Brisbane CBD for orders over $100 (except for hot food)

We accept mastercard and visa.

Amex payments have a 1% surcharge

All orders to be placed by 12pm previous business day.

Cancellations accepted up to 2pm previous business day.

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